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01 June 2008

Burnt by the Sun Again

A front page article in the Washington Post yesterday noted that director Nikita Mikhailov, whose 1994 film Burnt by the Sun won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, is working on the film's sequel (a two-part Burnt by the Sun II), which will deal with the Russian experience in World War II, on a scale hither-to-unseen in the Russian cinema. To do that he will bring back characters who supposedly died at the end of the first film. Although I did not particularly enjoy the original movie, most of my friends did. Take a moment and read the article, which also notes the role that Mikhailov's father played in the writing of the Russian national anthem.

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Kolya said...

I thought the original movie was great. The most powerful movie of Stalinist Russia that I have seen. Fun summer games out in the country while underneath it all there is that sense of dread and menacing threat. That sequel, however, sounds absolutely terrible. How can they resurrect characters that died? Mikhalkov is a talented filmmaker with a great artistic vision. This does not mean, though, that he has artistic integrity. He does not.