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19 May 2008

Putin as Prime Minister

Vladimir Putin, formerly Russia's president, became Russia's new prime minister on May 8th, just hours after stepping down from his presidential post. He then proceeded to set up his own "presidium" of important government ministers that will directly meet with/report to Putin himself. There will still be a cabinet of ministers that formally are responsible to the president Dmitrii Medvedev. The similarities to the political structure of the Soviet Union in the 1970s are eerie (See, for example, Jerry Hough et al, How the Soviet Union Is Governed).

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lorip said...

During his first visit to a Western Capital in the role as Russian prime minister, the French prime minister referred to Vladimir Putin as “president” twice during a joint press conference. Vladimir Putin was quick to avoid questions regarding human rights violations in Russia by stating that these were presidential issues. However, he did respond to foreign policy questions that are constitutionally for the president.