This is a blog for use in both of my HIS 241 and HIS 242 Russian history survey courses at Northern Virginia Community College.

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29 April 2015

08 April 2015

Russian nuclear submarines

Recent news about a fire in a Russian nuclear submarine in Arkhangelsk brought back memories of the Kursk disaster. Wiki has a link of sunken nuclear submarines. There was no nuclear danger in this case.

01 April 2015

The Russian History Scholarly Journals Are Here!

Just arrived in the mail in the last couple of weeks are
The Russian Review, volume 74 (since 1941)!  The issue is devoted to the topic of "Asia and the East in Contemporary Russian Culture."
The Slavic Review, also volume 74 (also since 1941)! This issue has the topic of "Redefining Community in the Late Soviet Union."  I've got really no interest in either of those topical discussions.