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09 March 2008

Russian Winter

Well, winter is just about over here in Northern Virginia, and while it may have been a snwoy winter in much of the Midwest, we had a mild winter (about 3 degrees above normal) with little snowfall (about 5 inches total!). My impression was that much of European Russia also had a relatively mild winter with little snow through mid-February, but I am not sure of the end.


Heather Fahrenwald said...

Even if winter was mild in Russia I would hate to be in that area around winter, especially Siberia. I know people are banished to that place and it must be very crucial!

Randa Mumaw said...

But thank goodness for those severe Russian winters that resulted in victories against Napoleon and Hitler. How cold was it during those invasions?

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Siberia. I love winter weather and have heard Lake Baikal is gorgeous. I heard that when the snow is thick enough and flat enough, the children play soccer outside.

John b said...

According to Roman Vifand of Moscow Meteorology he says that this is the warmest winter in Russia in 150 years. He goes on to say many areas that were accustomed to annual snow, had a snow less winter this year. Can any one say global warming?