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02 March 2008

Russian Presidential Elections

The 2008 Russian presidential elections are underway now, as voters are expected to choose Vladimir Putin's choice of Dmitrii Medvedev to take over as president. It is expected that Putin will move from the presidential office in May when his term is over, to the office of prime minister. Experts expect that he will continue to dominate Russian politics from that post, but no one knows quite what to make of Medvedev who has never held elective office before.


Dana Baker said...

I've heard there is a lot of controversy surrounding the "fairness" of this election. Does anyone know anything else about this?

Randa Mumaw said...

According to CNN, the White House is investigating complaints of election irregularities such as intimidation of opposition figures and the effect of "state-owned or -influenced" media in favor of Putin's party.

Dana Baker said...

That's interesting. If the United States finds evidence of intimidation, exactly what can the we do? If we publish results that show evidence of wrongdoing, will the international community really be surprised? If they are surprised, would any of you anticipate any kind of formal consequences?

John b said...

Medvedev is a Rock n Roller. He collects vinyl records, and loves Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. How many presidents go to Black Sabbath concerts? My kinda man.