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24 February 2008

Eating and Drinking Russian Style

There are few truly "Russian" food items found in the major supermarkets in Northern Virginia, but there are at least two specialized stores located in Herndon and McLean that carry Russian (and also East European) food and drink items--I tend to buy a lot of Russian chocolates and some very good Polish beer. (In reality, the Zywiec brewery. is now run by Heinekin. ) Although you can't find a lot of Russian prepared food items at the market, you can easily cook like a Russian as cabbage, beets, fresh vegetables, fish, etc are always around.

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Dana said...

In Winchester, we have a store called "Big Lots," which has a lot of discounted items. Once, I found a cake mix with the directions in cyrillic. It was Betty Crocker, so it wasn't exactly a Russian product. I always wondered why it was there...