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18 February 2015

Ukraine v. Russia

Since I usually check out the yahoo homepage a couple of times a day, it has been interesting to note recently how many news items there have been about the conflict in the eastern region of Ukraine. Daily, there are links to stories from all sorts of different news sites, some more reliable, than others, and what I find especially paradoxical about this is that while there is all this coverage, there is very little interest in the conflict from the American public, and there has been no real effort on the part of the US government, NATO or the European Union to get physically involved with support for the Ukraine government.

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Igor said...

Can't find it now, but there was an excellent article about Putin's possible intended plan to control the Black Sea coastline east of Crimea, which would directly connect Crimea to "Russia." With the kind of weaponry and manpower reserves at the disposal of the "rebels" it is difficult to see how the Ukrainian army will be able to prevent this.