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13 April 2008

The Revolutionary Movement

Well, with week 13 of the HIS 241 class, we turn our attention to the revolutionary movement that emerged in Russia in the reign of Aleksandr II. Next week, we will look at cultural developments. One thing to remember is that the "impact" of the revolutionary movement was out of all proportion to its rather tiny size. Really a very small segment of the educated class was involved in oppositional activities, yet that segment was very vocal in publicising their ideas for the future of Russia.


Dana Baker said...

Do you think this is because of the lack of necessary or education, or just a tendency for rural populations to cling to the past and traditional values? Maybe a little of both?

Dana Baker said...

I love political cartoons, so I decided to look up some cartoons about the revolutionary movement. This one is interesting:

Heather Fahrenwald said...

The Revolutionary movement occured because a new generation of persons were learning and taking on new political groups such as the nihilists. Education was improving and that allowed people to see other options

Anonymous said...

The educated class had the most impact on people because they were the people involved in the government. Although peasents and older members of the gentry were harder to convince, they all saw the need for revolution.