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24 January 2008

Nina Khrushcheva book on Russia

Take a moment to read the interesting commentary by Robert Fulton on Nina Khrushcheva's new book on Vladimir Nabokov, Imagining Nabokov: Russia Between Art and Politics (2008),


Laureen said...

This book sounds so interesting! When I read Nina Khruschcheva's comments regarding the average lazy Russian, It reminds me of the inhabitants of the southern region inviting another group of people to come rule over them. Laureen

Dana Baker said...

Since I thought I kept up with events around the world, I was quite shocked to read that Putin is characterized as a czar. This has inspired me to look into what the presidential candidates think about our current and future relations with Russia.

Randa Mumaw said...

Since the death of Stalin and especially with the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev, I believe many Russians favor a return of a totalitarian government. I am not sure if it is communism they want or just a return of a paternalistic society where the leader ("father") makes all the decisions for the people ("children"). By this, I am not shocked by the author's argument that the people of Russia do not resist the leadership of "czar" Putin.