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24 September 2007

Parades in the Soviet Union

I am not sure exactly which holiday is being celebrated in this image of a parade in the Soviet Union, but I suspect that it might be May Day. There used to be a lot of parades on the yearly schedule for the Soviets, but I don't think that there are as many in Russia today.


MELSrok said...

Right. The banner slogan appears to be something to the effect of 'the party is striking a blow for laborers'. Must have been an awfully cold May Day, what with all the long coats, furs, and boots!

Anonymous said...

Any idea what time period? It looks like the 1970s to me.


Igor said...

At least the 1970s; pretty fashionable clothes. I am also not sure if this is Moscow or St. Petersburg, but I suspect the former.

Meg said...

I thought it was interesting that this picture may be from a May Day celebration. My family is Irish and from New England and I wasnt aware that other cultures celebrated May Day. For us, May Day
is the celebration of Beltane, which is a Gaelic holiday celebrating the beginning of summer.
Its really neat to know that other cultures celebrate on this day!